Sunday, January 27, 2013

Want to Hug Me?

As I started typing this there is conversation going on in the other room. Michael, "Don't go back upstairs! Go give your mom a hug." I knew better than to even attempt a guess at what that was about. The next thing I hear is the pitter patter of little Gabi feet running to come see me. In she comes naked as could be. "Hi, MOM! Want to hug me?" Yes, I did give her a hug through my laughter.

I'm hoping that once I get settled into more of a routine with school and life, I will blog more than once a week. Once a week is better than nothing right? Things are going well. I've been able to slowly get my feet wet this semester in all my classes, and I've been doing a pretty decent job with keeping my house fairly in order. For those who know me well, keeping up with house by itself is huge!

The girls are doing well. Allisyn is still up tonight trying to finish her reading. She has been stalling all evening. I even heard her try to claim that this reading was boring. Usually she does not resist it this much. She has decided that she is not going to play soccer this spring. We asked her why; wanting to make sure she really didn't want to. Her response was, "Because it is outside, and sometimes it is so cold." We laughed at that one and told her that might not be the best reason not to play especially since the season doesn't start until March. She did say that she didn't think that soccer was really her sport and that she liked basketball more.

Piper on the other hand is ready to play soccer again. When she isn't actually playing basketball, she loves it and thinks she is awesome. When it comes time to play, it is hard for her and soccer is easier. It was kind of funny this weekend at her game she was standing right under the goal and got hit on the head, she looked down at me while rubbing her head. I gave her the double thumbs up she likes to give, and she frowned at me and shook her head no. She called out, "It's not cool, it hit my head!" I told her to shake it off and keep playing.  

We could have signed Gabi up for soccer since they let them play up a year, but we decided to wait. Piper's soccer and basketball coach is going to coach soccer for both of his boys and Gabi could have been on his other team. I know she will love it when she does start, but we decided for the lighter schedule this season.

 I need to start making notes of the funny things that happen during the week if I'm unable to blog more often because by the time I sit down to do it on the weekend, I don't remember too much. I think it is safe to say that Gabi is now officially out of our bed. We did have one night where after the sixth time of getting up with her, I tossed her on Michael's side of the bed and let her sleep with me, but we haven't had any repeats since then.




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