Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Night Two Goes To MOM!

It is now 8 a.m. Allisyn is off to school, Michael is crashing around in the kitchen, and the little girls are still asleep. In their OWN beds!! Gabi fell asleep in her bed again last night! I changed her diaper before I went to bed and I did not hear anything from her all night. She did fuss a little when Allisyn slammed her bedroom door this morning, but then again so did I. I slept really well last night!

Today is my last Wednesday until spring break that I will get to be home with the girls. I have a three hour class then Chemistry lab starting next week. My wonderful sister Katy is going to help us out with the little girls the weeks that Michael needs to sleep. I am a bit saddened by this. This is the first time that we have had to get help watching the girls since I started back to school. I haven't felt too guilty about going back to school knowing the girls have been with their dad. I am very thankful that Katy can help out and they will be with someone they know and love, but it's still kind of hard.

I'm still waiting on one textbook to come in the mail, after that comes in, I will have all my books. Yesterday we got our new Financial Peace set in the mail. It looks kind of snazzy. We start back up next Monday. I am hoping and praying that we can stick with it this time.

Well I am off to read the two devotionals I am following. I think I am going to read one in the morning and one in the afternoon to help me stretch out my Bible studying over the day. Baby steps right?

Apparently my editing skills are better in the morning after 8 plus hours of sleep than they are before those 8 hours and running on only 4 hours of sleep from the night before. Michael didn't find anything that really needed to be changed this morning!

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