Monday, January 14, 2013

Ready, Set, Breath

We had a nice weekend. Miss Gabi is doing great at sleeping in her bed and has started referring to herself as a big girl instead of insisting that she is a baby. This morning her daddy brought her in to lay down with me when he was running Allisyn to school because she missed the bus. She slept for another 3 hours! Tonight will mark a week of her out of our bed and sleeping in her own! We have to get up and settle her back down and change diapers, but everyone falls back to sleep pretty quickly. Now if I could just Michael and the dog to stop snoring, I should be doing great with the sleep! Overall I feel a lot better since I have been getting more sleep, praise the LORD!!

The big girls both had basketball games this weekend. I missed Piper's game because I was picking up Allisyn from a birthday party. Michael said Piper did a great job and had a lot of energy. This is a great improvement for her. In the past she has been kind of sour and reluctant to play.  Allisyn is doing great with her basketball. We need to practice with her more to help her boost her confidence, but she has a lot of fun.

Saturday, Gabi had a really restless night. We weren't sure if she was coming down with something or what her problem was so we kept her home from church. Michael and the big girls went to Bible class and early worship. Gabi and I stayed home. When she finally woke up, she was really clingy and wanted to be close to mom. Allisyn and I went to the evening worship. We also accomplished our 2-week meal plan. Does anyone else have a problem with this? We have tried e-Meals in the past, but we didn't follow it too closely, partly because I'm a picky eater.

Today started the new semester. I logged into my online Nutrition class. I immediately wanted to log out and log back in to see if it would change.  It will be a heavier load than I was mentally prepared for, but I feel confident that I can do it! Tomorrow will be first Chemistry lecture. I'm trying not to psyche myself out. I know I can do it, I should have passed the first time around. Wednesday will be first nursing class and Chemistry lab. I'm more concerned with the lab part because the instructor I chose did not get the best reviews. I'm glad my first week of being gone all day the little girls will be with their dad. I hope it makes it easier for them.

Tonight began the first of our 9-week FPU refresher. Hopefully the third time is a charm and we will be able to permanently make the changes we need, to become better stewards of what God has blessed us with. Hopefully we will also keep up with Monday for the Master when FPU is finished. It's a great place for a cheap family meal with great fellowship and the opportunity to do service work for the Lord. It puts us home past bedtimes, but tonight Gabi was out when we got home.

Well time to shut it down and watch some Thunder basketball!! THUNDER UP!

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