Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Night One Went to Me!

So last night was the beginning of me putting my foot down firmly for the LAST time about Gabi sleeping in her own bed. There have been a few attempts before. Some of those attempts had decent starts but something always happened that took us back to square one. Not this time. I may not get a whole lot of sleep this week, but I'm prepared. I think. At least I do not have anything needing great attention to detail this week. That is a plus.

So last night we left off with our conversation where Gabi tried to say she was still a baby, so she could sleep in our bed. I told her this was mom and dad's bed and Gabi had her own nice bed and she was going to start sleeping in it. She left in tears and returned to the movie she had playing in her room. I checked on her once and told her she needed to lay down on her pillow instead of sitting at the end of the bed. She begrudgingly complied. The next time I checked on her she was out cold!

Then of course I couldn't get to sleep. The first time I got myself settled she fussed, I went in, laid her back down and covered her back up and she went back to sleep before I left the room. Then when I was almost asleep at 2:30, she woke up again. This time I had to change the diaper, and get her some more water. This time she had a meltdown. She wanted momma. It was the moment I had to decide if I was really going to be strong, or if I was going to crack like I had all those times before. I took a deep breath, gave her a big hug, told her she was NOT coming to my bed. Tears came streaming, cries pierced the silence. I was afraid Piper would wake up. Thankfully, she slept through it all. I let her cry for a little bit while I sat on the stairs. Then I went back in and gave her another hug and  told her how much I loved her. Then I turned on her Leap Frog dog Violet and set her to 10 minutes of bedtime music. There were still screams and tears, but she calmed herself down. When the ten minutes were up, she asked for it again. She was almost asleep, so I turned it on one more time and went to bed.

I did not hear anything from her until I had to wake her up for Sonshine School. We praised her quite a bit for being such a big girl today. Hopefully we will get the same results tonight with fewer tears and screams. Hopefully I am not too tired to stand my ground if I need to.

Both of the little girls had a great first day back to Sonshine School. I have to talk to Piper's teachers on Thursday because she said she had to go to the office today yet I was told nothing. Something happened with a boy in her class, Piper's head, and her teacher not seeing what happened. I'm sure if it was something serious they would have let me know, but I feel bad not being able to help Piper feel better about it because I do not know what happened.

After I dropped them off, I stopped by campus to pick up a book I'm renting for the semester. My parking pass was in the other car so I had to park in the pay lot. It is a dollar for your first hour. Since I was only there for ten minutes, the guy at the pay booth let me go for free! It made my day. Since sleep was minimal for me last night, I just came home and did a few small things around the house and then watched four episodes of Doctor Who.

Tuesdays are Gabi's speech days with the wonderful Miss Nita. We were blessed to have her work with both Piper and Gabi. Today Piper and Gabi were working together and both of them were doing really well. It is exciting to see them improve. I wish we would have been more proactive when Piper was younger instead of listening to our pediatrician and waiting. Piper is making great improvements too, but I wish she would have had the same advantage as Gabi starting earlier.

Well, I'm off to try to convince the little one it is time to stop talking to her Pooh movie and lay down for the night.

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