Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happiness is

Your sweet baby sleeping on your tummy smiling in her sleep.

My mom and sister are moving into their rental house tomorrow. Yay!! This means Gabriella's room is no longer occupied. Her bed is made up in her new bedding. There really isn't any reason why she shouldn't be trying out her new bed. Yet here she is, using my tummy as a pillow while I'm in an uncomfortable positioned leaning against the headboard. The other two didn't start sleeping in their rooms until closer to 2 and she is my baby and therefore I'm not going to rush it.

We seem to be making a little progress with Piper and her #2 training. Today was a total bust, but the previous days have been better.

Allisyn was being a big helper today and went and picked up Gabbie's room by herself without being asked and she told me, "It was a lot of work mom, but I used perseverance to get it done." It wasn't that much, but I loved the way she is using her vocabulary!

I'm hoping to order the little girls' Christmas presents this week and after that, I will only have to start gathering pictures for Great Grandparent's calendars and figure out what to get my dad. We aren't going overboard on Christmas this year. It's the first year in 6 years I won't be pregnant or be celebrating a 1st Christmas. I'm pretty excited about the holidays this year! Michael's work schedule sucks hard, but we will make it work for the best.

Well I should get to sleep so I'm not dragging for church in the morning. Hopefully everyone is feeling well enough to go, Poor Gabbie's tummy has been kind of questionable today.

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Friday, October 14, 2011


Every time I go to open my iPod I open up Blogger. I know right away I do it and usually close out before it even loads. Today I decided to let it load and give a few updates.

Alli lost her first tooth two days ago at school. She absolutely loves school and is devastated to have to stay home today because she is sick. She is such a great big sister and is growing up way too fast.

Piper had her teeth fixed, same thing Alli had done only it was 2 teeth instead of four. I think they genetically have bad teeth because we were very cautious and even if we had to sit on her (not with all our weight!) we would get those teeth brushed. After a seemingly rough transition to her new speech therapy she seems to be improving again! I think moving her to MDO at our church with her friends is helping too. If we can just get her to start doing her dirty business in the toilet instead of her pull-ups we will be happy. No amount of bribery or punishment has worked so far. I'm open to ideas if anyone has any.

Gabbie is growing up WAY to fast! I know, I know, they all do. She is walking and running everywhere. She hasn't started saying much yet. She is so loving and is a master manipulator. Everyone tells us it's because she is the baby. She really knows how to work her big sister. Allisyn tries to tell us "just give her what she wants." All the time. Piper isn't so easy to work over.

School is going well for me. I am going to have another small load hour-wise next semester. I don't consider Statistics 2 a small load, especially considering I took Stats I over 7 years ago. I'm not going to be able to start my Forensics classes until next fall due to scheduling, but we knew when I got started, I would be taking it slow.

Michael is still working nights and being the awesome husband and father that he is. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives.

My mom and sister have found a house (FINALLY) to rent here in Edmond. They will be moving up next weekend. We are so excited! With mom not occupying Gabbie's bed, we will start transitioning her to her bed. I'm excited for that!

Other random tidbits, we had to return our boxer to the rescue because she wouldn't get along with our lab. We miss her. We are going to try another boxer because they are great dogs and really good with kids.

I really miss my big brother. I am so thankful he is in Kuwait instead of Afghanistan like he was supposed to originally. I'm excited he gets to go Hawaii on leave, but I'm jealous we won't get to see him.

Well, that is an update.

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