Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still Here

I keep wanting to blog. Really I do, but then I think about and I wonder if anyone really wants to hear about the things I am going to blog about and guess what. I don't care anymore. I'm gonna blog about them.

Things like--I love my pediatrician because she totally did not skip a beat when I showed picutres of Piper's poop on my iPhone. The poor kid has some serious poop issues.

Things like Allisyn getting mad and telling me she didn't want me to be her mom. Yet her not liking the idea of my trying to help her find another one.

THere are a lot of random things I think about blogging about. I'm going to start sharing them. I think they might provide some humor for my readers.

Some not so funny--poor Gabbie is getting over RSV. That stuff sucks. It drains the life out the little babies. Of course it happened on Michael's week on, so it was a rough week. Tonight is his first night off and she is feeling much better! We are gettting smiles and giggles. Like every week he is off, Piper is trying to push the buttons and change up the routine. He is trying to let her. I'm trying to put my foot down. There are tears and gnashing of teeth from the 2-year-old, and possibly the dad.

We are still fostering with the OK Humane. Yes, I know we are crazy. Theses four kittens are driving me bonkers. Especially with the crawling under the girls' bed to drop stinky piles. I have found I can crawl under the bed without hurting myself. Not sure if that's really a good think or not.

FPU and the budget are going well. It's a good feeling to know you aren't stretched as much as you thought you were!

That's a short update. I promise there will be more, more often.