Thursday, January 10, 2013

The recovery of a seahorse, a turtle, and over 20 hair ties

Tonight is the fourth night of my final move to get Gabriella to sleep in her own bed. The past three nights have been successful! She did try to test the waters to see if her daddy was on board with the plan. When he held his ground and let her know that he was indeed on board, she went to bed without a fuss. About 1 a.m. the poor thing woke up with a dirty diaper and I think it took a minute to hear her because she was sitting on the end of her bed crying like she was wanting to come get someone. I felt bad, but at least I heard her. Michael had no clue that I had to get up with her or Piper last night. Thankfully both settled back to sleep quickly and I did not lose too much sleep.

So yesterday, being my last free Wednesday this semester save for Spring Break, I decided to straighten and clean the living room. No big deal, right? Well it started out as no big deal, but by the time we needed to get Piper ready for speech my brain was turning and ideas were formed. I FINALLY had an epiphany on how we could change up our living room. The way our cable is wired, it limits us to where the TV stuff can go. Add that limitation to the layout of our living room, and we got stuck for a while. Yesterday was the day that I had a breakthrough! Luckily, Michael agreed and he helped me out.

While we were moving some of the stuff around, we found two missing pieces to a favorite puzzle, the seahorse and the turtle. We also found over 20 hair ties. Our cat Molly is obsessed with hair ties. She sneaks into the bathroom every chance she gets to try to steal them. Apparently most of them get knocked under the entertainment center and bookshelves. She was very excited to see them again, but that excitement was deflated when we took them all away.  We finished up the living room this afternoon and I love it. The girls seem pretty excited about it too, which is always fun when they get excited about things.

Today was a lovely day. We dropped the little girls off at Sonshine School, had a quick breakfast, and we finally made it see The Hobbit! The day was made even better with all three girls having great days at school.  There were no visits to the office  today by Miss Piper who did not explain the situation very well at all. She was being very defiant to her teachers and was given the option to change her behavior or to go to the office. She chose the office. I seriously almost busted out in laughter when her teacher told me that. First, because I can totally see her doing that. Second, because I can see a little me doing the exact same thing at that age. I'm not exactly sure what took place at the office, but she now knows it is not a good thing to have to go.

Well Michael and Allisyn should be getting back from Allisyn's basketball practice soon, and I hear Miss Gabi up out of bed playing. Time to go remind her of the new rules.

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