Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ummm, where did the week go?

So we are now back into the swing of our regular routine. Everyone is back in school. I survived my first week back. I'm even a little ahead! I'm sure that won't last long, but it feels nice! It is going to be a pretty intense semester, but I think I have some good professors so that calms me down a bit.

The girls are doing well. Allisyn is in a sassy period and is driving me nuts. She also seems to think it is okay to wear the same socks for three days in a row. Yes, I did tell her that this was not a great idea. I am fairly certain we have discussed the importance of changing things like our socks and underwear daily, but apparently she needed a refresher in that lesson. She is doing well with school. We have some things she needs to work on, most of those have to do with more attention to detail and giving more effort. Her reading is doing really well, and her teacher wants her to start reading at a higher level to keep herself challenged. It's so awesome to see them make the connections and see their minds grow!

Piper is in a wonderful, loving phase. She likes to tell us that she has God and her family in her heart. It's beautiful and makes my heart very happy. The other day when I picked her up from school she was covered in grass. I asked why and her teacher explained they were rolling down a small hill outside. I asked Piper if it was fun, and she yelled yes! I love the way she loves life and enjoys the little things.

Gabi's speech is doing so well! The other day when we got home from Sonshine School, she told me she wanted to go swimming. I told her it was a nice idea, but we had two big problems. First it was too cold, and the second was we don't have a pool. She was pretty insistent that we could make it happen. The next she brought it up again, and I was forced to burst the bubble once more. I told her, we didn't have anywhere we could go swimming. She retorted that her daddy would find a place for her to swim. I wished her good luck on that. She has yet to bring it up with him. Right now she is in her room and I occasionally hear her yelling out Spanish words along with Dora.

We are doing pretty well following our meal plan. The hardest part is coming up with the plan. It's pretty easy to follow it once we come up with it. We had another possible big hit with the budget. Allisyn knocked my backpack off a chair and ended up splashing my laptop with water from the pets' water dish. When it happened, I didn't think it did anything because it didn't get that wet. None of my books in the same pocket got wet. The fall wasn't that far and it was surrounded by books so it didn't take all the impact. Unfortunately, when I went to pull it out later it wouldn't power up. We are hoping we can take it in and it will be something small and easy. Thankfully, I don't have anything I would hate to loose on it. Things need to chill out so I can start saving money for a trip to Minnesota! There is definitely going to be one this summer, but I would love to try to go before then!

Tomorrow night will be two weeks of Gabi sleeping in her own bed. She is doing such a great job! It is helping her work on being a big girl in other areas too! Still not showing much interest in losing the diapers, but I'm hoping it won't be long! That will be a nice break on the budget.

I'm really excited that school is out tomorrow! We should all get to sleep in and not have to get up and go somewhere right away. Hopefully it will be a peaceful day!

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