Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Battle of Wills

A lesson that my family would greatly benefit from is that I function better and I am a lot nicer when I get good sleep. I can even run on less sleep if I get good sleep. Gabi has a real hard time getting this. She is under the impression that she can come in, in the middle of the night and sleep with us. Sleeping with us wouldn't be so bad IF she didn't think she had to sleep ON TOP of me.

This morning started out like many others, with me begging Michael to please pull the child off of me so I would not fall off the bed. The picture above was the amount of room I had when I got up to go to the bathroom. Since she is in the parroting phase she repeated her dad's "And that's a problem because?" When I told her she took up too much space.

So today we, okay just me because Michael doesn't seem to be on board with me on this, talked about all the ways Gabi is a big girl and discussed how big girls sleep in big girl beds. Well, my side of the discussion praised her for being a big girl, her side of the conversation consisted of "Go! (No), I baby." It was accompanied by a lot of crawling and grunting since big girls walk and talk.

She wants to do everything her sisters do like painting, and glittering the table. She wants to play with their toys, she want to do things without help. She WANTS to be a big girl, except when it comes to sleeping in her bed. She isn't showing too much interest in potty training either, but after Piper, I'm not pushing that one. I just want some sleep!!

Yes, I admit there are some areas I want her to SLOW down with the growing up, but she can hurry up with the sleeping in her own bed. I woud be able to embrace all her (too big for her) antics if I had the proper energy to!!

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