Friday, January 11, 2013

The cleaning continued

Another successful night for Little Miss Trouble! It was a bit of a rougher night. Michael and I both had to get up with her a few times, but she slept and woke up in her bed!

This morning, while I was working on our budget, I walked into to the bedroom to get the laptop and I saw Michael pulling out the drawers of our dresser. It has not functioned properly for quite a while now. If you  know Michael, you know that being handy isn't really his thing. He will be one of the first to tell you that. So I was very proud and impressed when he was able to fix it. Now all the drawers slide in and out and can be used again! Since the clothes were out and need to be sorted and refolded anyway, I took the opportunity to do a little weeding out of my clothes. I have two trash bags ready to donate. While doing my weeding, I was thinking of a conversation we have going on on one of my mom boards. It helped me realize I really need to invest in some quality timeless pieces for my wardrobe. Pieces that will last. I have a not so great trend going on of buying cheaper, lower quality pieces, thinking I'm saving money, but then they wear out pretty quickly and I have to replace them. For now, I am going to make due with what I have and try to make it through the winter. I'm sure the clothing budget will be going towards the girls as they continue to sprout up.

This afternoon Michael took Forrest, our 9-year-old lab into the vet for his check-up. He has to take medicine to help his thyroid keep up. When we first took him in 2008 he weighed in at 96 lbs. We thought he was looking a little thinner and today he weighed in at 63 lbs. He had dropped about 8 since his last visit, but it's not a cause for concern. She suggested we up his food a little to see if he can put back on a pound or two. Other than that, everything looked good! He is such a great dog and loves the girls so much. Piper and Gabi can occasionally be found laying on him like a pillow. It is pretty precious!

I also got us signed up for our church's annual marriage retreat! We always enjoy getting to go and the girls always enjoy a weekend with Mamaw and Katy.

Well Little Miss Trouble is sitting on my elliptical having a meltdown because I told her Allisyn couldn't help her ride it. Her new favorite word, "WHY?" is being yelled at me. I'm pretty sure she started earlier than the other two. Good times.

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