Sunday, February 10, 2013

We will be finding beads forever...

  So I have been MIA for the past two weeks. I think. Last week was big for me. I had two first tests. The first was on Wednesday in my Individual and Family Development through the Lifespan class. It's a nursing prerequisite. This is pretty much the same as Developmental Psychology with a little more emphasis on how nurses see things. It's not new material for me, but I was still a bit freaked about it because the instructor likes to remind us that they test harder in nursing school by giving multiple correct answers. You are responsible for choosing the MOST correct answer. I feel pretty good about the test. I should be able to run up and see my posted grade tomorrow.

   The second test was the dreaded first Chemistry test. I feel pretty confident about that one too. The little girls were pretty outstanding with letting me study. They didn't always want to be on board, but we didn't have any major issues. I did not get much studying done with all three of them home except for when Michael was awake to deal with them.

  I was thankful for the timing of the tests, because I was able to get both first tests out of the way for our church's annual marriage retreat. Michael and I have gone 4 out of the past 5 years and we are always blessed by getting to go. This year was no different. We came away with new tools to help our marriage and were blessed with some wonderful fellowship. We also got to have lunch with Michael's parents on the way home where they blessed us with a microwave since ours has been out since right before Christmas.

  The girls got to spend the weekend with Mamaw and Aunt Katy. They were all so excited and were looking forward to it the entire week ahead of time. On the way there Gabi and Pooh were singing and dancing about getting to spend the weekend with Mamaw and Katy. She was also the first one to give us our hugs and kisses good-bye. I'm not going to lie; it made me a bit sad. It was also a relief to know she was not going to be upset when we left.

   She is becoming such a big girl. She is totally in her big girl bed now. She has decided that she no longer wants to sit in her high chair. She wants to be at the table with the rest of the family. She is talking so much. I love the conversations she has with her sisters. It totally melts my heart the way they love and adore each other. The next big thing we will be working on with her is potty training. I keep telling myself, I'm not going to push it, but I think I might need to give her a little nudge to get her going. Allisyn is doing her best to try to get her interested, but so far she isn't buying into it.

   Allisyn is doing pretty well. She has been going through a particularly sassy and disrespectful phase, but I'm optimistic that we are coming through the end of it. Tonight she lost her 5th tooth. She lost it during Bible hour at church because she was messing with it the entire time. Tonight she also knocked an entire dish of pony beads into the floor. They of course went EVERYWHERE!! I'm positive we will be finding them under the couch and under the bookcases forever. The little girls immediately went to go help her pick them up. It was so sweet. Piper told her, "It is okay, Allisyn. I will help you clean up this silly mess."

   Allisyn's basketball season is over. She missed her last game because we were on the retreat, but we got to go to her team party to get her medal on Thursday. We feel blessed that she had such a great coach and hope Allisyn can be on her team again. I think if she can quit overthinking things and just play, she will be pretty good. Right now she tries to overanalyze what she is supposed to be doing, and it trips her up a bit.

   Piper has one more basketball game. We are kind of sad that if she wants to play again, she will have to find another coach because after they turn 5, the Y no longer offers co-ed basketball. Thankfully co-ed soccer lasts a while longer and she will be with the same team this spring.  She is the only one who is going to play this spring since Allisyn decided she doesn't like it being outside when it is cold. Piper's speech is also making some improvements. We still have a lot of work to do, but we love seeing her progress.

  We are doing pretty well on our FPU journey. Michael was able to pick up some OT and has put in the request for some more if it becomes available. It feels like we are both fully on board this time around. It's kind of fun to see progress being made.

  So this was a catch up blog, for those that like that kind of thing, I promise more funny stuff in the next one.


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