Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I want a train your dragon!!

When we picked the girls up from my mom's this weekend Gabi was ready to go home right away. She had a great time, but she went out with Michael when he was taking stuff out and insisted on getting the car right then. She didn't feel that she needed to go back in and tell Mamaw and Katy bye. She was ready to go. She had both her Pooh and her Violet in her car seat with her. Violet is the Leap Frog dog that sings and talks and knows her favorite food, color, and animal. Well, maybe not her animal, but that changes frequently and I can't plug her into the computer every 5 minutes to keep her up to date. Right now Violet says that her favorite animal is a cat, and she meows. On the way Gabi was meowing along with her. So Allisyn kept asking her if her favorite animals was a cat. Gabi kept telling her no. First she said it was cow and had some mooing to go along with it. So Alli asked if her favorite animals was a cow. Gabi looked at me with a sneaky grin and said, "No, Alli! It's a sheep! Baaaa!" Then she started giggling it was pretty cute.

Then Piper pipes in and says, "My favorite animal is a train your dragon." She really likes the movie How to Train Your Dragon. She proceeded to tell us how she thinks they are beautiful, and how they can fly so high she could see the birds, and all her friends. She keeps telling me that she really wants one. The only way I can really respond to that is that I would, really like one too. I mean really, who wouldn't want a trained dragon? That would be pretty cool. She and I will keep dreaming about it.

Gabi was climbing on her play kitchen when we were putting her movie in yesterday. I asked her if she remembered what happened the last time she was doing that. She replied with a "yes!" I asked her what, she said, "I don't know." I reminded her that she fell off and got hurt, her precious little response, "Oh, okay. Thanks mom." Thankfully she didn't repeat that tonight, but I'm sure it will happen again.

Piper seems to going through a perpetual growth spurt. It's either that or she has her dad's metabolism which causes her to be constantly hungry. So last night when we were getting ready for bed, she came in and said, "Mom, you forgot to get me a snack. I know this because my tummy is still hungry!" I grinned at her and asked her what I was going to do with her. Her response: "Just love me forever. Is that a good answer?" I might of squeezed her a little too tight and told her it was the perfect answer.

Piper is also insistent on keeping her bedroom door shut. This results in her room being so cold that she doesn't like to get dressed in their. Michael started letting her change in Gabi's room, but Gabi has decided that she doesn't like it and kicks Piper out. No really, if she's in there she screams, "Get out, Piper!" Piper can play in there whenever she wants, but apparently the line is drawn at getting dressed in there. So I tell her to change in the bathroom which is actually warmer anyway. This morning she was getting dressed and her underwear was twisted and she was having a hard time getting them straightened out. I told her to tell them to quit being silly. She laughed and told me panties weren't human and they do not have ears to hear her tell them that.

Allisyn is still kind of working out of her less than wonderful stage of sassy and selfishness. Last night she wanted to get in the car first, but Piper was clearly there first and was in before Allisyn even moved out to the garage. She started whining about it, and my not so mom of the year response was, "Whaaa! You should have gotten your stuff together and gotten outside first." She got this look that only Allisyn can give and said, "I don't like it when you tell me Whaaa!" I did apologize, but also told her I didn't like it when she didn't do what she was told and whined about things not going her way because she didn't do what she was supposed to. She really wanted to say more, but she was smart and held it in.

Gabi still finds herself trying to hold onto being the baby. Yesterday she was wanting her daddy to carry her up the stairs when he went up. He told her that she was a big girl and she could do it herself. She cried out, "I not a big girl, I still a baby!" I'm not sure if he said something back to her, or if she just thought about it for a second but the next thing I heard was, "Okay, Gabi is a big girl."

So those who know me well, know that grace and coordination are not my greatest blessings. This morning I was standing on the stoop with Allisyn waiting for the bus. I told her I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Don was a minute or two late this morning. She then told me, she was going to have a sub bus driver today and tomorrow. So I tell her to stand in the yard, so they would see her. Then she sees it not turn down our street. So we walk back inside to get ready to take her and we hear it. So we run out. It stops where the designated spot is, at the end of the street. Mr. Don stops right in front of our house. So Allisyn takes off running, and me without shoes on, runs out to the end of the yard to watch her get on the bus. So I'm standing in the yard, in the rain, barefoot, trying to protect my coffee from the rain with my lightweight jacket. I see her get on the bus, and turn to hurry back to the house and find a hole in the yard and I go down. Thankfully it wasn't too bad, my feet hurt more because they were frozen. I did manage to not spill my coffee during the whole ordeal.

Well, I should really be studying. Right now I'm sitting on campus watching the snow come down. It is so beautiful and distracting. Okay....off to study. Maybe.

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