Monday, February 25, 2013

Getting ready to hunker down

I keep looking out the window to see if the snow has started. They have hyped this storm up quite a bit, and everyone has cancelled everything for the day. It is currently 4 pm and all we have is lots of rain. Which is a huge blessing. I'm not saying I think we won't get anything, but I'm not buying the 6-10 inches they have been claiming. I'll let you know if I end up eating my words. So far with the recent weather, I have missed one class, and my chemistry professor's morning class has missed one class so she had to push our test back one day. I'm ready to take it now and I am hoping that we don't miss any more class so it doesn't get pushed back anymore. I don't like starting new chapters before we test on the last material, but that is what she is doing while she tries to catch the other class up to us. 

   Today Miss Piper woke up in a good mood and we thought she was feeling fine. By the time we had got gas, and made it to Target, you could tell she didn't feel well. So we got the essentials and headed home. We  were home for less than 5 minutes before she threw up. She took a bath and has been sleeping most of the afternoon. We woke her up after her fever hit 104 and made her take some Tylenol. We had to bribe her, but she did take some. I am praying that it doesn't spread to everyone. Especially since they keep saying we are going to get hard and may be stuck in the house for a day or so. 

I enrolled the girls in summer Sonshine school and I got Gabi enrolled for next year. It seems so weird to me that Piper won't be going to Mother's Day Out anymore. I cannot believe she will be in Kindergarten. I know say this all the time, but really I don't know how Gabi is going to cope without her. Miss Gabi is such a pistol. Yesterday the girls were stamping and she would come running into the room saying, "Daddy! C'mon!" with such excitement that he couldn't say no. She would show him her picture, then she would show him her hands and say, "Look, Daddy. I made a mess!" She has also started telling us that things aren't fair. Really? At 2 1/2 she thinks things aren't fair? She is in for a rough road if she thinks things aren't fair right now!! She also likes to tell people, "NEVER!" Piper is the recipient of this one a lot, and Piper just tells her she is being silly. She also likes to tell us "I DON'T want IT!" If anything isn't going her way. 

Allisyn's teacher emailed me last week to tell me that she jumped from reading 43 words per minute to reading 73 words per minute! We are really proud of her! She loves reading to her sisters, and is reading more challenging things with minimal help. 

Piper has a love for dolphins. So Allisyn checked out a book from school about dolphins so Piper could enjoy it. Piper was so disappointed they had to turn it back in, we went to Barnes & Noble and got her a few dolphin books of her very own. She couldn't be more proud of those books. We also picked out a few new books for her sisters to enjoy while we were there. I love the way my girls always think of each other and try to do things to make each other happy. It makes me think that with God's help we must be doing something right with them!

Well Miss P is now waking up so I'm going to hang with her for a little bit to see if she needs anything. If you are in the line of this storm, be safe. One weather guy just said there is a "donught" over the city and it is keeping to snow away, but he expects it to come down within the next hour or so. We shall see!

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