Thursday, December 9, 2010


I had one today! I know most of my mommy friends are going to think, what kind of mom are you? I'll tell you, I'm blessed! Today was the first time I have taken any of our girls to a well-baby visit without Michael. I even knew she was going to get shots. It was either do it on my own, or wait a week until Michael could go without the big girls. I did good! I did not even get teary-eyed when she got her shots! This is big for me. I HATE it when my babies have to get shots. Anyway, that's my parenting milestone.

Gabbie's latest milestones are, turning 4 months, rolling over, her ability to carry on a "conversation," her first encounter with a cat. Tiger always seems to be the sucker who gets this task. He secretly loves it. He could just leave, but he never does. He keeps coming back for more!

Piper's latest is going #2 in the potty! This was huge because it meant she didn't have to get in her pooping position. Overall, potty training is still hit and miss with her. We are letting her lead, because she started it.

Alli is getting smarter and smarter! She's spelling and writing more and more words everyday! It's so amazing watching them learn and to see how excited they get about showing you there new skills.

I was gonna blog some more, but Gabbie just woke up and needs momma! Darned shots are making her cranky.

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