Monday, December 13, 2010

Long week

It's Michael week to work. It's been a long week. I need to learn to not let the little things bother me. Unfortunately, I'm not always good at it.

Tonight, I got to call poison control. For my dog. The only time I ever have to call poison control seems to be for the dogs. Tonight he found not one, but two dirty diapers and tore them apart. Luckily they were just wet or else I'm sure I would have puked. My biggest concern was that he busted open all the little absorber things. It's a valid concern. We now play the waiting came to see if he consumed any and if they expand. Please pray all is well, because a) I can't deal with a sick fur baby right now and neither can the girls. Allisyn still prays and reminds God to take care of Max and to put his medicine in peanut butter so he will take it better. B) our budget really not appreciate the kind of expense it would take to treat this kind of incident.

Why oh why does all the fun stuff happen when Michael has to work? I'm not too concerned really. Forrest has a pretty resilient digestive track. He's eaten walls, and linoleum, and a chlorine tablet left by a negligent pool guy in Tucson. I shall just pray that this too will not cause any problems.

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