Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Two more weeks!

I have two more weeks of the semester left! I am so excited and relieved. I took my final lab exam today, I have my final nursing exam next Wednesday. My exam four and my final in Nutrition will both be open to take next week. I have a Chem test on Tuesday, and my final in there will be the following Tuesday, and then I will be finished! Michael and I decided I will take the summer off. I will study for the TEAS test over the summer, and I will take a full load in the fall. Two of the classes will be online, and my two science classes will be MWF. They will be back-to-back so I will only have to be on campus for 4 hours. I just have to figure out Gabi logistics on the days Michael needs to sleep. If you could say a prayer about that, I would appreciate it.

We are rapidly approaching the end of the year for the girls too. Allisyn has her first research project going on. She got her second choice for her topic and will be doing her project over the arctic fox. She checked out a couple of books out from the library tonight to start her research. She also has her first school field trip coming up. I'm a little disappointed it is on a day where Michael has to sleep so I can't volunteer to go. I can't remember if I mentioned her school play or not. It was absolutely precious! I'll try to post a video of her classes part sometime.

The little girls will have their school program on the 2nd. I'm hoping they are both healthy. Last year Gabi got sick the day of and she had to stay with Mamaw while I went and watched Piper. Piper's class is doing a birthday celebration for someone everyday until the end of the year. Her teachers wanted to give everyone with a summer birthday a chance to celebrate. The kids all think that is pretty awesome.

Allisyn is really making great progress with her reading. Piper and Gabi are both making progress with their speech therapy. Piper is really enjoying soccer this season and was happily surprised when Mamaw and Aunt Katy made it to her soccer game last weekend.

Gabi continues to be our most dramatic child. We don't hear "NEV-ER" quite as much anymore, but we do hear, "I don't HAVE TO!", more than I like to. She still isn't showing any major interest in potty training. We still aren't pushing it. She is still trying to decide is she wants to be a little girl or a big girl. She tries to sneak in that she is a baby every now and then, but we quickly let her know that she isn't.

Tonight we went over and said good-bye to our neighbors. They are moving tomorrow to San Antonio, and the girls wanted to be able to tell Landon bye. They have been pretty great neighbors, and we will miss them. While we were there the little girls were running all over the near empty house in amazement. It was comical. Then Gabi found a guitar and decided to put on a show. She felt she was just getting started when I said it was time to go. She had a major tantrum before she finally settled down. I’m not looking forward to her threes. The big girls have shown us that the threes are more challenging than the twos.

Well, I should probably hit the hay. Both little girls haven’t been sleeping the greatest the past week or so, so I should sleep while I can!

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