Sunday, April 14, 2013

I love being a mom

I don't have any hesitation saying that the greatest thing I have accomplished in my life is giving birth to three of the most beautiful little girls ever to grace the earth. I feel so blessed and privileged that God entrusted me to be their mother. I am very thankful that he blessed me with a wonderful husband, to travel the road of parenthood with. I am fairly certain that our girls would need immeasurable amounts of therapy if I did not have him by my side keeping things balanced. I'm not saying that we get things right the majority of the time, I'm just saying we get more right together than I would by myself.

I love the way Allisyn likes to tell me all about her day and her friends. I love the way she tells me about her thoughts and ideas and dreams. I love the way she loves our family. She is so smart and creative. She is a thinker, sometimes she overthinks things and gets herself worked up. She is such a caring soul. I love the way she always tries to make sure Gabi is happy, even when we have to tell Allisyn to stop babying her. I love the way she tries to tell Piper about school so Piper will feel prepared. I love knowing that Allisyn will be looking out for her. I love how Allisyn and her dad have a special bond that seems to be related to being the oldest child. I love her wanting to be a big girl and help with more things.

I love the way Piper looks at the world always with eyes full of wonder. I love the relationship she has with each of her sisters. I love her imagination. I love how she gets excited and thanks me a hundred times when we have pancakes for dinner. She is so loving. She is a puzzle machine! I love how she cherishes one on one time with us. I love how she loves Forrest, our black lab. I love how she calls him her dog. I love how Piper and I seem to have a special bond that may be related to us both being middle children, or the fact that I see so much me in her. I love how she tries to be big like Allisyn, but she can quickly go back into little girl mode and just be 4.

Gabi. Sweet Gabi. I really do not think our family would have been complete without her. She brings so much love and joy it is positively overwhelming at times. I love it when she hugs my neck real tight and gives me kisses. I love the way she loves her big sisters. I love the way she loves her dad. I love the way she kind of has everyone wrapped around her little finger. I love her battle of wanting to be a big girl, but still wanting to be a baby too. I love how she leaves out M and N in her alphabet. I love they way she adores Flynn (our cocker spaniel.) I'm pretty sure she would let him sleep with her if he behaved well enough to not have to be in the crate at night.

I love how Allisyn is an early bird, I cannot relate to it, but I love it because it is who she is. I love how Piper and Gabi are more like their momma and they love their sleep. I love how all three girls will eat a spoonful of peanut butter for a snack. I love how Allisyn and Piper tell me I'm the best mom ever for something so simple. It makes my heart get almost too big for my chest every single time. I love how Piper loves dolphins and how Allisyn will check out dolphin books from school to read to Piper.

I love the way they love their uncle Dustin and the conversations we have about how much we miss him. Gabi seems to always bring him up on days that I am missing him a little bit more. I love the way they always include Heather too. I love how they say they want to see their grandma and grandpa "right now." I love how they tell me I better not make them "wait forever" to see their Aunt Sandy and cousins again.

I am so thankful that I am the one they call mom. I am so honored that God felt we were capable of raising them. I know we don't always get everything right, but I am so thankful that they are forgiving and loving and ours.

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