Friday, April 5, 2013

Quick Catchup

It's been a while I know! We are approaching the end of the semester at rapid speed! At this moment, before running up to the campus and seeing the score on the test I took on Wednesday, (side note: I've been so tired this past week, I completely forgot about this test and the fact she was going to post the scores last night. I could have run up all day today to check what I got) I still have all As!

Gabi is putting up resistance again to sleeping in her own bed. She isn't back to our bed completely, but there are nights that after 3:30 am when she says, "I can't go to sleep, mom," after we have had an hour or so battle over her staying in her own bed that I give in and let her sleep on her daddy's pillow. Piper has also had some trouble at nights and has ended up in our bed a few times. This past week was exceptionally rough. I was running on fumes on Wednesday (which is why I'm not holding on to high hopes about my test score.)

Allisyn has gotten back into her sass mode. She ended up losing iPad privileges for a week and movies in her room for at least 2 weeks. We had a pretty big ordeal on Monday night. I asked the big girls to straighten up their craft table. She said it would take them forever and that there was no way they could get it done before bedtime. It is one small table, and there was well over an hour before bedtime. I told her if they didn't want to do it, I would do it, and stuff would get thrown away. She proceeded to tell me that I must hate her. That did not sit well with me. Those who are close enough to me can probably figure out why. I seriously would have rather she told me she hated me. Telling me that I hated her because I asked them to clean up their table did not go over well with me. I ended up having to leave the room and shutting the door behind me. Thankfully Michael was still home, and he was able to deal with her and get her to bed. I think it sunk into her, because her attitude has greatly improved since then.

I've been running a bit behind on many things. Preparing for Easter was no different. We went shopping for dresses the Thursday before. Piper, looked at a few, then she saw THE dress. It was pretty close to last years, except it was purple. Allisyn, it took forever, well not really forever, but it was at least twice as long as both the little girls combined. She likes the bright and sparkly and loud dresses that don't really say Easter to mom. There were quite a few selections shot down by mom because I didn't think they were appropriate. She finally came back to one of the first ones I suggested. Gabi was pretty easy too. I picked out three choices for her, and she immediately knew which one she wanted. I was pretty excited she picked the one I favored.

Then I sweet talked Michael into running to Payless as well. He had to go to work that night and didn't have a lot of time, but he was wonderful and we went anyway. I was really not feeling up to trying to take all three girls shoe shopping by myself. Gabi picked the first pair of sandals and the first pair of tennis shoes that she tried on. The girl knows what she likes. Piper tried on 2, maybe 3 pairs of dress shoes, and settled on her sandals. Same went for her tennis shoes. She had to settle for her second choice of sneaker because they didn't have her first choice in the needed size. Allisyn was a whole different story. She tried on over 10 pairs of dressy shoes, and had a really difficult time making her final choice. Thankfully her sneakers were pretty easily chosen. The big girls ended up with the same style. Due to Allisyn taking so long, I looked around a bit, and found a new orange purse! I really miss my old one, and was happy to find a new one!

We made a trip back to Vinita for Easter. We had not been back to see everyone since Christmas. We didn't make it around to see everyone, but the girls really enjoyed getting to hang out with their cousins over the weekend. Piper woke up not feeling well over night so the little girls and I missed services, but they still wanted to wear their dresses. They even all chose to wear them on the drive home.

Well that's the update. The past week has definitely made me question my choice to go back to school more than once. Hopefully things will get back into the groove, and we can finish out the rest of the school year strong.

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