Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We have survived...

another week of Michael working! It hasn't been too bad this week. No one was sick! Gabbie is really congested and has a harsh cough that is making her a little out of sorts and has given both of us some rough sleep the past 2 nights, but praise the Lord, there has been no fevers. She and I stayed home from church this evening. Right now she is taking advantage of the quiet and having momma all to herself and is napping in my lap. I love it!!

My neck was bothering me a little last week. I had slept on it wrong and my mobility was low. I went to the chiropractor. The curve in my spine is not so much a curve. The x-rays showed I was leaning towards compressed discs. So now I will be making regular visits to get realigned and to get my curve back.

We have really enjoyed having my brother stay with us before he leaves for his training and the to his tour in Afghanistan. Bless his heart, he sees much more nakedness than he wished to see at times. Our girls aren't the most modest of children outside the home, inside the home....all bets are off. A few weeks ago, Piper got in trouble at least 4 times for raising up her dress at church. Same night I told Alli to pull down her shorts (Michael let her wear the shorts to church, not momma) and I almost died when she literally pulled them down. All the way down. I was mortified. Thankfully, I only think one other little girl noticed.

Alli is still doing dance and loving it. Soccer has started back up and she is on her friend Tulle's team. There are actually 4 girls on their team this season! Alli won't be the only one!! There is also another Alli/ie/y who share's our Alli's birthday.

Piper is doing great with her speech therapy. Her therapist is amazed about her attention span. She is definitely not behind in anything other than speech.

Gabbie went to Bible class for the first time on Sunday. She did not have a good time. :-( She had a blow out and by the time I got down there they already had her in a sleeper. She hates sleepers.

Sunday was one of those days where I wonder why I even attempt all 3 girls at church by myself. We survived though.

Now I'm going to take advantage of the quiet myself and do some reading!! Here are a few pictures...

Any wonder why my spine is messed up?

Our last set of foster kittens. The black and gray one have for sure found their forever homes!

Our newest set of fosters. Momma Jenny, Jolee (white), Josie (stripes), Joseph (black and white). They are itty bitty and the momma is a good momma!

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