Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making Time for Me

I'm horrible at it. If I start trying to do something for me (30 Day Shred for example) and Gabbie gets upset about me not being with her, I stop and appease her. If I'm trying to blow out or straighten or curl my hair and the girls (usually Gabbie) need or want something, I give up and throw it up in a messy ponytail. I know it's my fault, I spoil her. I did the same thing with the other two. The difference then was Michael was home more consistently with the other two.

I know I need to take time for me. I know I'm worth it and I know it benefits everyone, so why do I have a hard time doing it? Ok, really I probably know why but I'm not going there today. On a level that isn't going to require copious amounts of therapy, why can I not let my children fuss it out for even a short period of time?

I'm not sure there is a good answer, I'm not even sure I have that big of a problem with it most days, but sometimes I just want to get something done for me without having to do it with one hand! I know it will be all too soon that Gabbie will be off with the big girls and won't be needing momma as much, so for now, I'll keep doing what we are doing and hoping to get some time for me squeezed in here and there.

Yes, I'm aware this is totally disorganized and rambley but that's the way my mind has been working lately.

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