Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life is good

Tonight Michael starts another week of nights. We had a really nice week. Gabbie is doing much better. She still has some coughing, but it's getting better.

Sunday we had a day of moments. You know the kind. The ones where you pray that other people don't notice when your child raises her dress up and flashes her panties 5 times in Bible hour. Or the when your other child interprets you telling to pulling her shorts down (her daddy let her where the shorts to church) as actually pulling them all the way down. I almost died right there in the back of the Bible hour room. Thankfully I don't think anyone saw that one.

I got Piper into Sonshine School! It is the MDO program at our church. I think being around her friends from church a little more will help with her speech. Gabbie is on the waiting list. I'm ok with that. I'm not quite ready for her to grow up yet.

FPU is going well. We are trying to stay focused and get "gazelle intense."

We've been enjoying the nice weather! Gabbie loves the outside just like her sisters. She loves swinging! It's cute. Allisyn absolutely loves pushing her! She is a great big sister and a huge helper.

Soccer season started. We had practice last night and the first game is on Saturday.

Praying for a calm week. Hope all is well with all you out in blog land!

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