Friday, September 13, 2013

I should be in class

So why am I blogging? Allisyn called me on my to class saying she didn't feel well. She wasn't running a fever so I told her to go back to class and if she felt worse later to call me and I would pick her up. Then mommy guilt kicked in. It has been pretty brutal this semester.

In our rush to find a replacement sitter, I didn't discuss many of the things I should have when we found Hiroka. (Who is proving to be wonderful!) So I texted Michael and Hiroka. Hiroka said she was more than fine with adding one of the older girls if they needed to come home. She even offered to go pick her up if I had left a car seat for Gabs. (Note to self: start doing that.)

So I decided to leave my first class early to pick up Alli and take her home before my second class. I can't really afford to miss my second class so I wanted to go pick her up before she called. So I called the school to see if they could have her ready. Then the nurse called me back and said Allisyn was feeling better. Like night and day feeling better.

I'm glad she is feeling better, I think she was just really tired this morning. I'm also a little frustrated that I left class for no reason. So I'm sitting in my car trying to refocus before my next class. I have a test in anatomy and microbiology on Monday, and I am no where near ready. Hopefully I can get it together over the weekend and at least pass them.

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