Sunday, September 8, 2013

Here we go again

Wasn't I just blogging about childcare woes? They seem to be never ending for us. The childcare we had lined up for Gabi has informed us she is taking a hiatus from her daycare until she gets some stuff sorted out. We aren't sure what kind of emergency she has going on, but we do know from those who recommended her to us, it must pretty big for her to do this. So here we are again back to square one. I know that God will provide, but I'm really not liking the journey to get there. I'm already feeling like I'm not getting into my classes like I should be, and the uncertainty of who is going to be taking care of my sweet Gabi isn't helping at all.

On to some brighter bits of life, yesterday was opening day of soccer season! The big girls both had 10:00 games, so Gabi and I went and watched Piper's game, and then we were all able to walk down and catch the end of Allisyn's game. I missed out on Allisyn playing goalie. Apparently, she is pretty good at it! I cannot wait to see her in action. Piper did pretty well. She actually got into the middle of things a few times and made some contact with the ball.

Gabi wanted to keep up with the record of all the Hurlbut girls refusing to play in their first game. It was really really hot out, and she was probably hungry. I got a bright sunburn from her game. She has an earlier game next week, so hopefully it won't be as hot, and she will be more into it.

Michael is enjoying his new job. We are enjoying his schedule of him being off on the weekends! He should get to make all the soccer games this season, which is especially nice when we have two games at the same time.

Allisyn and Piper are both enjoying school. They both seem to enjoy their teachers. I think we should have good years this year!

Now I must try to get back to studying. I have a test on Friday, and one the following Monday. Hopefully everything will get sorted out with Gabi, and I can find the appropriate focus I need to study.

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