Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some random updates

Our momma kitty and her babies went back up to the adoption center last Thursday. We miss them.

We have two owner surrender daschaunds that we are fostering until Midnight Woofness. They are mainly house trained and don't like the hang out outside for very long. They will make some good pets. They don't freak Gabbie out like the puppies did.

I have somehow managed to get my neck out of whack and it's affecting my entire right arm. We are hoping it's just some muscles pushing on my brachial plexus and nothing more serious. Having your fingers go numb when your holding your phone or knitting is really weird. Thankfully it's my right side, even though I'm right-handed because I carry Muss G on my left side.

Alli cut her hair last night. Thankfully, she has a lot and she didn't cut it too short and cut an under layer. I don't think I'm going to make her get it cut...this time.

Piper is still being uber difficult in taking her pooping business to the potty. With her, I'm pretty sure it's a control thing. I've taken away no less than 8 of her favorite toys away. She gets time outs, privileges taken away, even swats. Nothing is encouraging her to change her ways. Not even cleaning up her own mess or having to go back to a pull-up or diaper.

Gabbie has fully mastered crawling and gets where ever she wants to with a purpose. We've had to put the baby gates back on the stairs. She keeps trying to pull up to stuff, which with her inherited lack of coordination and hardwood floors translated into her needing a helmet. Or a bubble.

This Friday marks the beginning of our birthday run. Michael turns 33. On June 8, I turn 30. I'm not bothered by it in the least. I'm in such a wonderful place right now, I embrace it. Beside 30 is the new
20 right? July 2, Alli will be 5 (crazy huh?), Aug 7 Piper will be 3, and one day later Gabbie will be 1.

We need to start planning the girls big birthday bash. We've decided we are going to do one big party when they are younger. Makes it easier on us and our friends who have kids who are friends with more than one of the girls.

My big brother is in Mississippi getting ready to head over to Afghanistan. I miss him a lot. So do the girls. He's my hero, serving God as chaplain while serving our country. I'm very proud of him.

We got the girls spring pictures made! For those who aren't friends with me on FB, I'll post some soon when I'm on the laptop. There were no tears or tantrums! The pictures came out well too!! It was a victory!

Gabriella has a cold and has been napping in my lap for a while. Which means I haven't gotten hardly anything done that I've needed to do, and I'm not bothered by it at all. It gave me time to blog and stay up on the addiction of social media. Off to check out FB!

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