Monday, January 24, 2011

The one where I want to beat the snot out of something

Ok, maybe not snot because I don't think anything non-living has snot. It has been one ridiculously long week. Financial Peace is taking a lot out of me this time around. Why? Because we are stupid when it comes to money. Tonight was week 3. Those of you have gone through FPU, know what I'm talking about. Week 3. Where you have to turn in the little slip of paper that says how much debt you have not counting your mortgage. I kind of forgot about it so I did it real quick at the beginning of class. I seriously about had a panic attack. How did we get here!?! One thing for sure is the stupid Escalade. From now on, I don't care what my husband says he can deal with my narrow mind. I have enough crazy whims on my own without him adding more.I'm NOT saying it is his fault. I'm not. I'm saying it is my fault for giving in and then agreeing that we could get one.

So I figured out our insane total and tried really hard to hold back the tears that were threatening to overflow. Texted Michael and freaked out on him a little. I didn't tell him the number because I didn't want him to have think about it at work. This week has been pretty busy for him with a lot of kids with flu in the PICU. (Mini detour on thought. I'm usually anti-flu shot because I'm one who gets sick after getting one, Six years of getting one with the military and getting sick each time. I told him if he wanted the girls to get one, then I'd not say anything. He said with so many people having reactions to the shot this year and so many getting sick after getting the shot, he wasn't sure if they should or not. My off topic point: If you think your kids might have the flu, err on the side of caution and have them tested. There are some wicked strains going around.)

So my homework this do all the budget sheets. The ones that say where every penny goes. I'm sure there will be tears and gnashing of teeth, but it will get done and it will be for the better. Right? Say yes. PLEASE!

Sooo with all the FPU wake-ups, Piper's fevers that like to come up when Michael is at work, her still waiting to be assigned a case manage with Sooner Start and her pooping in the floor during potty training (TWICE IN ONE NIGHT), and with Gabbie going through a phase (I hope) of needing mommy to hold her ALL the time, and Allisyn being full of sass and not in a good way, I have a lot of frustration and stress built up. That's just the stuff going on in my house. My desktop has also come up with some sort of crazy virus or something. It was the focus of my anger earlier, but I did not act out on it.

So there you go, another long and and rambling, possibly even incoherent blog post from me. At 20 till 11 at night.

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  1. I hear you. We did FPU a year ago. Our number was manageable but still yucky to look at. We too quickly did the number before class. And NOW we have a minivan we paid off my car last year (in March) so we could have the freedom from that debt and then we had a car die to the point of replacing was the only option. So here we are with a car payment yet again.

    As for the flu.....that sucks. I do get my kids the flu shot sometimes they get sick after sometimes they don't. Anyhow, I hate to hear about sick kids in the hospital. Makes me sad wishing I could do more.

    Take care of yourself.