Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One more night...

Tonight is Michael's last night of his week! Yay!! It has been a long week. Friday was Bunco and it ran late which I came home to a Piper who was
running off borrowed steam. She was running a fever and cancelled our plans to go to Tulsa
for a shower for a friend. Gabbie was also a little out of sorts for being up so late. It took them both a while to wind down to go to sleep. It took me even longer. Then I woke up to poor Gabbie coughing so hard, she spit up...in my hair. It was a first, and it was gross. I couldn't get back to sleep
after that so I started cleaning. At 5 am.

Having foster puppies leaves a lot of extra cleaning.

I dropped them off at the adoption center. Thought drop-offs started at 730...not on the weekends. I stayed out until they opened up at 9, dropped them off, got home let Michael go to bed. Did more cleaning.

After Michael woke up, went and helped my mom and sister pack up and move my sister out of her apartment. Thankfully my brother was available to help out because I didn't bring any tools. He came through! It was pretty impressive that she got all packed up and totally moved out in one day. We had some shoe shenanigans to top it off! In between loads from the apartment to my garage,
I picked up Aurora, who did not find her forever home like Ariel did.

My mom and sister stayed the night. My brother hung out and we watched the first 5 episodes of She-ra. It was good memory making evening. Sleep was again minimal and Piper was a crab apple due to not feeling well, causing us to miss church.

Monday I was just off-kilter, but we did make it to Monday For The Master and I went through the first lesson of FPU. This morning I was out of it, but I got the girls to school, the puppy dropped off, and had a nice lunch with some wonderful friends. Michael got up early so I could take a nap. He's awesome like that. So now, I'm blogging when I should be sleeping.

Uncle Dustin reading a story to Alli.

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  1. I like your new look and love the pics of the girls on the side. Beautiful! We have colds going around our house too. I'm ready for warmer weather.