Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where did November go?

It was here, and now it is the last day and it is almost gone! I'm afraid to blink in case I miss December. We went home for almost a week this past week for Thanksgiving. My little mess named Piper lived up to her title. She poured out my grandmother's Scentsy warmer all over her wall, and she peeled wallpaper off my grandpa's kitchen. I was NOT happy with her. Thankfully great grandparents don't get phased by too much that their great grandchildren do. They were happy with an apology. Unfortunately my step-grandma wasn't home so she couldn't get an apology. I'm pretty sure she will care a little bit more than my grandpa.

Allisyn had one of her extreme tantrums. It wasn't pretty, but we survived it.

Our neighbor came over last night to complain about the yappy little rat dog barking all night. Michael explained that we had been gone and he couldn't leave the dogs inside for 13-14 hours. He was understanding and the dogs spent the night inside last night. Until 4 am when she needed to go out.

I got a letter in the mail today that says I have to go to court in March in regards to an accident I was involved in over 4 years ago. It was my fault, no one is denying it. The guy is just trying to get more out of the insurance company than they feel he deserves. I just wish they would deal with it so I don't have to do anything with it anymore. Do they really think I like reliving the accident in my MIL's car on my 2nd anniversary with my 6-week-old baby in the car? Because I really don't.

Miss Gabbie is doing really well. She took my cousin Jacob this past week. He is home for the first time in 3 years. He will be home for Christmas too! We are really excited about that! He's stationed in Alaska right now and in June will be transferring to Hawaii. Tough stuff right?

I'll try to do a picture post soon. I know you all LOVE to see the girls! :-)

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  1. Good grief I know....where did 2010 go? My baby will e 3 just after Christmas. It is crazy.

    That really sucks about the insurance thing. Hope it works out.