Sunday, November 14, 2010


Could have been better. Piper woke up at 1:30 needing to go to the bathroom. This was after not making any attempt at all to go during the day. It took her about 2 hours to go back to sleep. Meaning I was up for over 2 hours as well. I had my alarm set to get us up and ready to go and as soon as it went off, Gabbie decided she needed to nurse, and nurse, and nurse some more. Michael came home and brought breakfast from Braum's since he had to stop and get milk. I ate mind in bed while Gabbie was doing her marathon nursing. Alli had breakfast with her daddy and got dressed and all ready for church.

I got clothes ready for Piper and Gabbie and Michael stayed up to help me get everyone ready. I had a sinus headache but I was determined we were going make it. Then we woke up Piper. We gave her a few minutes to try to wake up before we threw in the towel because it was clear she was not going to be awake enough and in a good enough mood for me to handle on my own. So we stayed home. It ended up being for the better because my headache came close to having me hugging the toilet. Thankfully the girls behaved while watching a movie while I laid back down with Gabbie and I was able to sleep it away with the help of some meds.

Our day was ok. It had it's ups and downs. Then Piper started getting whiny and clingy and you probably guessed it. Ended up with a fever. Seriously!?! We tried to see if someone could take Alli to church because she was really wanting to go, but it didn't work out. So we all stayed home. Piper had a rough night and fell asleep shortly after 8. Alli went to bed about 10 and Gabbie is still awake nursing and talking. Which is better than an hour ago when she had some gas bubbles that were making her very unhappy.

I did get my office/craft room better organized. Half of the room is mine the other half holds the play kitchen and a few other toys. I now have it set up where the girls should know where to stay away from. Emphasis on should.

I have also made great strides in purging toys from closets and the play room. They are going to get donated and have made room for all the junk, I mean presents, that will find their way into our home over the holidays.

Now I'm off to carry on some more conversation with Gabbie. She's not appreciating it being one-sided.

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